Our Work

We believe the implementation of effective and sustainable policies requires coherent and strategic efforts, not just isolated projects and initiatives.

We believe the public sector can stimulate economic and social development, not simply draw resources.

We believe the process of governance should be instituted on the principles of creativity, knowledge and leadership.

We believe policies should ultimately lead to social and economic development.

Our work  supports the implementation of policies for development. Not just the application of good practices, but of good principles in governance. Only the latter can guarantee quality, sustainability and accountability.

What is our work?

We create strategic solutions in the public sphere to advance policies for long-term development based on innovations and community exchange.

We stimulate informed debate between experts, media and citizens on the important developments on the Balkans and Europe.

We network representatives of local and national institutions, entrepreneurs, investors and academia in search of smart and sustainable solutions to common problems.

We cooperate with journalists and media to guarantee public support for our ideas.

If you require more information about our activities, please download our Annual report for 2015 from HERE.