The World Bank Worldwide Governance Indicators study shows that Bulgaria is among the worst performing countries in the European Union as regards the effectiveness of public administration and the overall government effectiveness. The procedure for starting up a business in Bulgaria takes a minimum of 18 days. In Belgium this takes only 5 days. In Bulgaria the business needs over 400 hours per year to fulfill tax law requirements. In Luxembourg these procedures take up only 60 working hours.

1We believe that public policies can generate economic and social development and the public sector has the potential to be the motor of this development. To achieve this implementing separate good practices is not sufficient. It is necessary to introduce good principles in public governance. In the sphere of regulatory regimes, such principles may be the use of impact assessments, cost and benefit calculations and transparency and accountability. In the sphere of primary and secondary education, such principles may include democratic education, interdisciplinary work or mixed age groups.
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