We believe that the implementation of effective and sustainable policies requires coherent and strategic efforts, not isolated projects and initiatives. We believe the public sector can stimulate economic and social development, not simply draw resources from them. We believe the process of governance should be instituted on the principles of creativity, knowledge and leadership. We believe policies should ultimately lead to social and economic development.

Policies for development was founded by academics and policy experts to inspire the application of good principles in the process of governance that lead to quality, efficiency, sustainability and integrity.

Our activities

We create strategic solutions in the public sphere to generate policies for complex and long-term development. We stimulate informed media and public debate for the strategic directions of the long-term development of Bulgaria. We network with representatives of local and national institutions, international organizations, entrepreneurs, investors and academia and facilitate the design of smart and sustainable solutions to common challenges. We cooperate with journalists and media to provide public support for our ideas.

Policies for development  implements strategic policy analysis and initiatives on the issues of public-private-civil partnerships, the development of a new model of public administration in Bulgaria, e-governance. We support the process of preparation for the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the EU in 2018. We monitor the implementation of the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism for Bulgaria and Romania. We provide expert support to advocacy campaigns at national and local level. We participate as speakers and lecturers at events aiming to promote sustainable and effective policy-making.

If you require more information about our activities, please download our Annual report for 2015 from HERE.